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[08 Sep 2015|12:51pm]
Im going to miss dancing to music in the room with him. his laugh. mostly his laugh.
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[17 Oct 2007|11:05pm]
went to dave and busters later with ash for her birthday. it was actually a lot of fun.
saturday was alyssa's birthday party. the surprise worked. i got really really high because i was hanging out with rusty haha. had sex with kami. stupid. of course only when i am fucked up. i didnt sleep until 6:30ish and i had to be at work at 10. the party other then that was good. i am glad we pulled it off. i always like hanging out with rusty. i dont know why. i was so retarded though i could not even speak for a little while. i was sleeping and awake and then fell asleep again and woke up again.
work the next day was good beside the fact that i had only a couple hours of sleep. i made 165 dollars which was good. julio didnt take a lot of tables so i did.
monday i worked at UM finally. i had been awhile everyone was asking where i had been and how it was a surprise to see me. it was a breakfast for a 1000 leadership women for united way. the food was delicious as usual. i missed working there. so simple. but i love working at julios. i mean i can't even explain it. the hours, the money, the people. everything.
tuesday i just went to school.
wednesday i couldn't remember what happened if my life depended on it.
thursday was just school again.
friday i had work. i was supposed to go to wolfgang's party but alyssa didtn' want to go at first which put me in a bad mood and i just fell asleep at like 11.
saturday was pretty eventful. i woke up and an hour later went for breakfasts at evans. just watched some tv and ate some eggs with him and ben. we were supposed to go watch alyssa and them at dragonboat racing but there weren't enough people apparently. i just picked them up and went to work but juan ended up picking up my juicing shift for me which i was super happy about. me, my mom, alyssa, belinda, jo, chris, nikki and my dad went to miako's. it was alot of fun. i love just chatting with everyone. its really funny. my dad is crazy as usual. him and my aunt at two peas in a pod. jodeniss told me today how much fun she had that night. i was in a bad mood so i went with sara to wal mart to get some ice cream. i didnt want to go to dave and busters but i am happy i did. i played my favorite game, wheel of fortune. found a new favorite game, the shooting one. got home at like two. i was fast and asleep and alyssa and belinda come home from nicks. belinda staggering into the room. she makes TONS of noise. i knew she was going to throw up but thought to myself " no belinda never throws up" but she did. and at 4 i had to clean it up. i was sooo pissed. i made alyssa go in the room and sleep with her.
sunday was a horrible day at work. i really dislike juicing and i ran out of everyfruit yet julio still orders fruit salads. that kid. i swear .i went running after work which made me feel a lot better. i ran on the path on the beach and then did some crunches and stuff. the beach is so wonderful at night. the wind was amazing. i just love it. so relaxing and peaceful.
monday i just went to work and tried to read for ethics.. did not happen. went running later with my dad. we talked as we walked around 5 times. i love him.
tuesday i just went to school. my dream about that kid in anatomy was that, just a dream. totally not interested. skipped speech, tried to give blood but my iron was low. waited there with evan.went to julios afterschool. saw my cute boy. alyssa does not know who he is. went to the library and read a little bit and then picked up sara from school. later i just went to ethics after watching some tv. we did 4 group discussions on drugs. legalization.
today.. woke up at 9:30. caught up of the show chuck. work. made 60 dollars. bryan asked what he could do for me to be his. ha. funny. tried to study for anatomy but fell asleep. went to pick up jo from school. had not seen her in a while being that i have made a pact with myself not to go over there. chilled at malus for a bit. picked her up from work. malu was being her crazy self. i love her. took clandio home. he is such a sweet kid. sara found i good one. i just hope he doesn't turn out to be gay. trying to study. watching gossip girls.
thats it. now i feel so much better.
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[14 Dec 2006|11:34pm]
non-stop.. things seem to be non-stop.
i really hope this "vacation" is actually a vacation. I am not this type of person to be constantly on the go. I like being able to hang out with people. like money not being an issue. I was going to work tomorrow but i really dont think i am anymore.
i am going to miss paulette. We will def. hang out up there.
i decided i am done with him. small things make an odd difference. certain things i am just used to. there is no sense in lowering my self just because i want a boyfriend. my mom says she doesn't ever see my getting married because my "standards are too high" no i want what i want and i get it. thats the way i am with everything. call it whatever you want but its not like anyone is doing anything for me.. i get it done my self. my life and i dont expect any one to live it for me.
the one person i thought i really wanted... even him i dont think i care for anymore. from what i hear.. too much drama but cant always go by he said she said.
i wish time could just be stopped. stalled until i can catch up.
i need a shower.
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hes gunna leave yo ass for a white girl [04 Oct 2005|11:26pm]
my life has been far from boring. yes a few boring moments but no where near boring in total. i got a B on my mirco exam which is GREAT. i have to keep up the good work and maybe even study a little harder than i did before. i am just oh so proud of myself. my mind is still a little complicated, most know why. i didn't go to english today and it was great to sleep till 10. i can't do that ever so i took advantage of it today. i mean many people have missed class.
i hope this weekend thing works out the way it is suppposed to.
i need to find a job and quickly. maybe i will just go to starbucks even though i hate it and i hate coffee.
i need to start exercising but the girlys will be done with swimming soon enough and you know what that means... roller blading. i hope i can find mine.
math tomorrow. ugh. i am doing worse in that class.
today was interesting for me at least. poor alyssa had to stay with the little ones.
i should go to sleep.

my new favorite song:
smile- telepopmusik
Had you there in the palm of my hand.
Saw that smile you give that girl.
Haven't seen that smile such a long time.
Don't do this to me, again.

I watched you laugh when you walked out through door,
Couldn't save you from yourself.
Haven't seen that smile for such a long while.
Don't do this to me again.

So I went out,
to find out what I was looking for.
Found the key,
key to our door.
It's all of your lies.
Still I can't forget.
Don't do this to me again.

Had you there in the palm of my hand.
Saw that smile you give that girl.
Haven't seen that smile such a long time.
Don't do this to me again.
Don't do this to me...
... again.

sorry about no lj cut but im too lazy
1 in the face of fear..| beautitul kiss?

[08 Sep 2005|11:26pm]
I am getting an iPod nano and that is final.
it is just so cute, i can't resist.
i've fallen in love with it.
beautitul kiss?

hot mamas... ha. [29 Dec 2004|09:59pm]
here are some pictures of us. they are really big... i was too lazy to make them smaller.
we are just to beautiful haha.

picturasCollapse )
geez i am so bored. I can't wait to go to port st. lucie tomorrow and give kisses to chris.
He is supposed to be online. but he is not.
the train ride is going to be kinda boring. maybe i can go earlier now that my mom doesn't have work.
hmm. i forgot what i was going to say.
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